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Let your passion for animals remain and leave the dreaded paperwork to PetSec today!

On average a veterinary staff member spends around 10 minutes after each patient appointment typing up case notes. Compounded over a day this can add up to 120 minutes or more. You ‘speak’ four times faster than you type, so by using our PetSec “Speak” App to dictate you will save time and money.

We become vets because we are passionate about animals.

In our fast paced, busy modern world everything is always pining for our attention, work, home life, kids etc. It is as though we never really leave the office, because we carry our office in our pocket! Whilst our App will be on your phone it means you can dictate from anywhere at any time so, as an example, you can dictate the notes in the car between appointments. What a neat way to ensure you get to leave work on time! If in the surgery simply dictate whilst examining the patient and increase efficiencies.

How it works:

  1. Download the free PetSec “Speak” App.

  2. Dictate.

  3. 'Send' the audio file to the PetSec FileManager system.

  4. Receive work back in a word document or within your case management system.


A 15 minute audio file is an hour’s typing! And that’s by a professional touch typist! Anyone else it will take longer still. How much is it really costing you to get your typing done? With the PetSec solution it will be far less, that is guaranteed. On average at least a 30% cost savings are achieved.Worked out per audio minute, as an example, a 15 minute file costs £1.20 per minute so £18 plus VAT. We don’t believe that this is expensive and, with a dedicated lead and back-up typist, this premium flexible service, available whenever required, can change your life forever! There are no contracts or minimum spend, the service can be used as a back-up or full time extension of your surgery. The choice is yours. On summer evenings who wants to be typing up reports?

Case Study of a Veterinary Staff Member benefiting from transcription

After her appointment with the patient Jane spends around 20 minutes typing up the notes from the meeting with her patient. She then drives to her next appointment. Consider this: instead of typing up notes after the appointment (and taking up valuable time) she dictates whilst driving to the next appointment! Upon arrival at her next appointment she 'sends' the audio file and has it returned before she has finished her next appointment. When she gets home instead of typing up notes when her kids are asleep Jane is now free for family time and leisure time when the kids have gone to sleep.

The PetSec Typing Solution

PetSec embodies time-saving and helping you find a better work-life-balance. With the PetSec Veterinary Typing Solution Jane has saved those daily two hours typing time, which works out at 480 hours annually! By leaving the typing work to dedicated veterinary trained PetSec staff Jane saves more time for additional patients during the days whilst improving her life/work balance whilst also enjoying her personal evening time.

Do More of what you Love

At PetSec we are also passionate about pets. Yet we also know that when you become a vet you do it for the love of animals and their well being is of the utmost importance to you.

Take back your time today, open an account now and be ready for tomorrow and your new life!

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