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What is Transcription?

Audio “transcription” is the process of listening to a voice recording and typing/’transcribing’ what is heard. The result is a transcript.

Often asked what the difference between a typist and a transcriptionist is, we explain they have morphed into the same! This is in fact due to Google who treat them similarly! If you search for a ‘typist’ you may easily get companies providing ‘transcriptionists’ and vice versa.


A typist/transcriptionist’s true skill set is being able to produce typewritten documents with speed and accuracy. They are exceptionally fast on a computer keyboard, with average speeds of 65-85 words per minute. As a comparison, the average person can type between 30 to 40 words per minute! This is just one of the many reasons why dictating audio and having it transcribed by an outsourced service is quickly becoming the standard in the industry.

But there is more to that with the PetSec service! 

By outsourcing your typing requirements, you can save as much as 30% on your typing costs. The removal of employee liabilities, office overheads, tax, national insurance, holiday pay and HR requirements are unseen – and often unrealised – expenses.

In addition, add flexibility to dictation by the use of the PetSec 'Speak' App which, once downloaded, turns your smartphone into a sophisticated dictating device.  This enables clients to dictate anywhere - in the car, train or relaxing in the garden!  What's not to like!

Key Benefits of the Service

 Free App (turns a smartphone into a digital recorder)

 Cutting edge technology

 Fully GDPR compliant 

 Scalable and hassle-free

 Dedicated lead and back-up typist per dictator

 Compatible with leading case management systems

 100% quality assured

 Pay-as-you-go service

 No holiday pay or employee overheads

 References available

Used primarily as a less expensive, permanent typing solution PetSec has saved companies 30% on the cost of employing internal staff. Provided for clients, our Cost Calculator enables you to work out precise comparison costs.

For more information check out our client FAQs

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